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"Lee Elementary School Foundation is receiving a monthly donation from Telos, and it is likely the easiest donation source we have ever secured, and the amounts certainly exceeded our expectations."

- Sarah Dougherty, Lee Elementary School Foundation

"Telos has opened up a whole new stream of donations for our non profit. It has allowed business owners to support us without any additional cost to the them. The generosity of Telos has enabled us to house and educate more orphans."

- Barry Dodson, Accelerate Ministries

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We pulled out all the stops for Tony's listeners! Instead of our standard rate-match guarantee, all Nonprofit Radio listeners can promise business owners lower processing costs by switching to Telos—while supporting your work at the same time.

And on top of that, if we can't save them any money, we'll send you a check for $250 just for making the introduction! The businesses in your network save money, and your org receives a monthly check. Now that's a win-win!

Think of businesses owned by your board; local businesses that support you; family & friends; local artists. Anyone who accepts credit cards and loves your work. We’ll help you every step of the way. Fill out the form to get started!

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